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The Animalsort website is looking for wonderful animal images/photos of many animal species.

Animalsort.com is a website with a classification of the excisting and extinct classes/species. Each registered species will get a subpage with details and image(s)/pho(s) of the species. We only listed a small quantity of species so far, many more species will be registered.

If you have any wonderful animal image(s)/photo(s) which you want being published on this website, you can send us an e-mail with the confirmation that you are the copyright holder of the attached image(s)/photo(s) and that you give permission to Animalsort to use the media for the website. If you know the name of the species you can add this information. Please also give your first and last name (or company name or/and website URL if you have that as an artist ) so we can add this to the copyright details which will be automatically visible on each image/photo (small text in yellow in center below with the © sign). Of course you can decide the size and format of the media (we don't need large sized files), but we prefer the format JPG. If you know the year when the file has been made, you can add this so we can show this information as well in the mouse over fuction (when the cursor moves over the image/photo an additional copyright information field will be shown, including the copyright details and with optional the year when it was created).

Below is an example text which you can use for sending the e-mail. Please note that we can only accept submissions by e-mail, we cannot promise that every image/photo will be uploaded (for example if we get a lot of media of the same species), but we aim to upload as many as possible. It may also take a while before the selected media will be uploaded as we need to register many species which are not yet visible on the website, we try to upload the selected media as soon as possible.

Please also like us on www.facebook.com/animalsort where you are free to post and place images/photos of animals as well.

Thank you for reading this message, we hope that some of you will help the Animalsort website getting better!

Thank you so much in advance!


E-mail text:

To: info@animalsort.com

Subject: Media submission for the Animalsort website

Dear Animalsort,

Attached I will add image(s)/photo(s) which the Animalsort website may use. I am the creator/copyright holder of the image(s)/photo(s) and I give permission to the Animalsort website to use it/them for the website: www.animalsort.com

Image/photo (Optional: name of the file):
Name of specie(s):
(Optional: the year when the file was created):
First and last name of creator/copyright holder:
(Optional: name and/or website URL if you have this as an artist):

[If you sent multiple images/photos; would you be so kind to use a new information field (from above) for each file image/photo; so for example: adding 2 information fields if you sent 2 images/photos]

Kind regards,

Your name.